Machine Learning


Tom Gilmore
Music Guy, Data Scientist
Sydney, Australia


Hi there, I'm Tom.

I’ve been working and playing in and around music and its data for over a decade, whether it was calculating radio airplay charts, pricing an imported vinyl record or assessing the streaming uplift after a digital marketing campaign with a work hat on, or making my own electronic bleeps with modular synthesizers, sourcing and selling short run merch, mixing/mastering/recording projects, and the fun of dealing with DIY touring logistics with my hobby hat.

In 2020, the time finally came for me to bolster my on-the-job learned abilities through an intensive Data Science course, covering topics like machine learning, Python programming, statistics and more. I am currently working for Sony Music Australia as Manager, Data & Analytics, as well as taking on freelance projects.

In 2021 I launched SYDNEY CITY CHIPTUNE MINISTRIES, a digital distro for DIY electronic music.

If you'd like to see some of what I have worked on for fun, please check out my projects. If you'd like to get in touch about a project I've worked on, or you have some work you'd like me to take on, please get in contact.